Turnkey projects

No matter the size of project, we offer services adjusted to your needs for a tailor-made solution.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts accompanies our client from the identification of needs & then up to the fulfillment of their dreams…

Shukhibhava Consultancy offers a complete capability in the provision of healthcare planning and management services, covering healthcare projects and hospital facilities of all sizes and complexity, in both the public and private sector.

The company works with a wide range of design service consultancies to meet total planning, design and equipping requirements as well as turnkey contracts for healthcare buildings. We have leading experts to provide advice and input to our clientale.

We believe that good consultation and advice to the client is in each project will lead to speed up the work, short lines and clear agreements, that is what Shukhibhava stands for. Together with the client it will be examined what best can be advised regarding a medical project to design and use medical equipment.

The turnkey projects for healthcare or hospital services involve distinct types of inter-connected tasks right from the initiation process. Healthcare project management involves different tasks such as feasibility study, developing funding & investor document/pitch, hospital infrastructure planning, medical equipment planning, procurement management plan, operations management, marketing, patient acquisition strategy, etc.

Services provides by shukhibhava for Turn-key Hospital Projects include

• Project administration and management control
• Technical, social, and financial impact studies
• Planning, design, implementation, construction, and delivery of public works and equipment projects from start to finish
• Progress monitoring and status reporting of equipment deliveries, and installations & Guarantees and warranty on new infrastructure, installations and equipment for required periods
• Strict compliance with local environmental, labor, legal, financial, and construction regulations
• Complete Health Care IT Solutions
• Equipment studies and needs analysis / Complete Medical Equipments of Health Facilities
• Hiring, training, and certification of employees working onsite or operating any newly installed equipment
• Monitoring and reporting the performance of employee teams at the workplace


Healthcare Planning and Consultancy Services:

• Strategic health care planning
• Option appraisals and planning submissions
• Financial feasibility and demand surveys
• Design briefs
• Project management and construction supervision
• Specialist healthcare engineering services

Hospital Commissioning:

• Recruitment and training of staff • Supervision of handover of buildings and equipment • Development of operational policies, procedures and systems

Healthcare Management Services:

• Operation of all medical, nursing, para-medical and ancillary activities
• Financial, accounting and billing systems
• Organisation management
• Medical Audit/Quality Assurance

Recruitment Services:

• Total recruitment, selection and training of healthcare personnel
• Executive leasing of experienced managers for short-term assignments

Equipping Services:

• Equipment scheduling and specification
• Tender documentation and evaluation
• On-site co-ordination and installation supervision

Specialist Healthcare Services:

• Supervision of training programmes and training management
• Provision of mobile healthcare facilities
• Information Technology applications i.e. Digital marketing & website designing etc.

Greenfield’ & ‘ Brownfield Projects

We do specialized Business Planning & Execution Services for Both types of Projects.

Greenfield Hospital Projects:

• Comprehensive feasibility study. •Identification of location & market potential •Mandatory approvals and reports.

Brown field Hospital Projects:

• Comprehensive feasibility study •Gap analysis. •Initial negotiation and the final closing deal.